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Problem with PDF creation in PADS Layout

Question asked by v.anisoveca on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by cesario_espiritu

I am trying to create PDF of my PCB Layout design in PADS Layout software. When I ticked "scale to fit" it shown "Scale 63.143%" and in the result my design fit to A4 format correctly.

But suddenly when I was trying to create PDF again it shown me "Scale 39.788%" with "scale to fit" ticked. Also in Preview window on the left dotted area of my design became much wider than earlier. But I did not change the area of my PCB Layout design, the program takes much larger area on the right of my design by its own.. I am confused, because there is no component on the right...

Furthermore, I used "Offset" in Justification in order to fix the design in the middle on the A4 page, but when I create PDF and open it an error appears on the "Composite" image page. So it cannot show correctly all the design.. I think that the wrong width of my design confuses the Adobe Reader...

Can anybody help me with both these problems?