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    How define specific clearance rules ?


      I define a clearance for a net class (0.5mm) for the traces outside the BGA  but inside the BGA the clearance must be 0.15

      How define these rules  to avoid having errors whn i run the verify design ?

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          You will need an Advance Rules Set (ARS) option.


          In Design Rules select Components, select component in question and enter different clearance rules. New clearance rules will apply to nets that start from this component. In Router you switch back to normal rules at will. Verification in Layout and Router will take into account Component Rules during checks


          Regards, Yan

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            Hi Yan,


            Layout does not take into account Component rules in verification. Only the router. This is a major pain having to run two different DRC checks and fix the clearances in layout to not give errors at components.

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              Please try this....


              Creating Component Design Rules


              Use the ComponentRules dialog box to create design rules for one or more components.



              You can define Component Rules in PADS Layout; however, these rules are used in PADS Router only.


              1.       You can assign rules to one or more components at a time. There are two ways to select the component(s) before accessing the rule categories.

              ·         Select components in the design:

                                  i.In the design area, select the component(s) to which you want to apply rules.

              Tip: You can also use the Find dialog box to find components and use wildcards in the Value field to filter the selection.

                                 ii.Right-click and click Show Rules.

              ·         Select components from the list in the Component Rules dialog box:

                               iii.Setup menu > Design Rules > Component button.

                                iv.In the ComponentRules dialog box, in the Components box, select one or more components.


              ·         To display components using a specific decal, select the decal in the Using decal list.

              ·         To display all components in the list, clear the Show components with rules check box.

              2.       Click any of the four rule category buttons (Clearance, Routing, Fanout, Pad Entry) to customize the rules from their default values and settings.

              Close any rules dialog boxes to return to the design.


              Best Regards,