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    How do you think about Cadence's Sigrity Deal


      Why Cadence buy? The anwser is apparent:

      1) In package-level SI and PI analysis, Cadence encouted a powerful competitor, Ansys. Aalso Sigrity are eating Cadence's market share agrresively. To survive, Cadence have to by Sigrity technologies.

      2) In board-level SI analysis, now Cadence's SQ is out of gas, so they need new Sigrity technology to compete against Mentor's Hyperlynx suite

      Why Sigrity sell?

      1) They have much competitors in this niche market. It's very difficult to expand thier market share.

      2) Designers prefer the solution to support analysis in design,not do analysis after design. A standalone SI or PI tool is difficult to survie.


      How this deal change competition ?


      To Ansys,  no threat at all, also no threat for Agilent and CST, but for MentorGraphics, this may be  a larger threat. I guess next consolidatin may be happaned between Agilent and Mentor Graphics, or CST.


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          Almost everybody involved into SI/PI field understands that today board level only analysis leaves huge gaps. Also SI/PI co-simulation has become a must today. At GHz speeds 3D EM analysis can’t be avoided. I believe that this is why we saw lately a couple of major acquisitions as Mentor purchasing Zeland, Ansys purchasing Apache, and now Cadence purchasing Sigrity. However this is not something new on the EDA world.


          I agree that Mentor will have to catch up now and especially they will have to look at expanding their capabilities towards board, package and chip co-simulation. It will be interesting to see how long SiSoft, one of the important players, will be able to survive alone… Synopsys also don’t seem to be interested into 3D EM and PI fields.