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    How do you create a multi-gate symbol.


      In other words if I have a quad diode in a single package how do I define the schematic symbol? Do I just have 1 symbol that has selectable pin numbers or do I have multiple symbols with the correct pin numbers? This would also apply to multi-gate devices.

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          If you're using the EE flow there is a Sample Library in the install that has examples of multi-gate and multi-slot parts. Otherwise look in the on-line help.

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            Creating gate assignments and pin mapping is done in the Part Editor from within Library Manager.


            A - the symbol must be created with the "value" of the Pin Number property empty (so it can be defined during packaging by the Part Editor)


            1 - import the cell

            2 - import the symbol, checking both boxes, importing names/numbers and etc.

            3 - in the matrix area, create a new gate(s) with the blue toolbar button with the gold star in it


            If you choose, enable swapping by selecting the gates and using the Swap toolbar button. A blue indicator will appear in the left-most column.


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              i have some questions about the multi-gate symbols, for example the FPGA, there are some errors like this"ERROR:There is no part Number: XC5V85T_FF1136_MGT_114 in the parts    Database for symbols with Part Name :XC5V85T_FF1136_MGT_114 and Part Label:(null).[Plrsdr add the Part Number to the PDB either directly or by having the project file point to a PDB that contains it]" can you tell me how can i debug this problems like this?