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    Problem with "Update from Library" in PADS Layout


      I have opened the decal in design, changed its label and saved the changes..

      But suddenly I understood that the original version was correct. So I Updated this component from Library but no updates are done for its labels.

      How do you think what could be the problem?

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          Try it again.. There are checkboxes in the update dialog that define how you handle the attribute values.

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            Select the component in your design


            Tools>Update from Library


            Under 'Mode' select 'Update design from library'


            Under 'Items to compare/udpate' select 'Attributes and labels', then OK.


            That should update the part, unless the changes in the library were not saved.

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              Good afternoon folks,


              This "Update from Library" function is VERY inconsistent with replacing different attributes in the Decal even with the relevant checkboxes selected.  I have even read the text report that gets generated and can easily verify that the software "knows" the Decal Attributes are different.


              My workaround is to go into the ECO Toolbar and actually change the part.  I deselect the checkbox for "Output Decal Changes" in ECO Options.  Then I use the browse option (right click after selecting the offensive part) and choose the very same part (with the correct Decal) from the same Library.  Doing this forces the Decal Attributes to update.  This is another irritation that dings the value of PADS as far as I am concerned.  We are using 9.5.1, by the way.  We have not done Update 1 (or 2), so if anyone has seen this bug fixed with the update, that would be great to know.