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    Edit Drawing Border


      Hey All, how can I edit a drawing border?  I have an older design with an old company logo.  Seems like there should be an "explode" function but I don't see it.  Plus, when I do try to edit this, it gives me a Fatal Runtime Error and crashes.


      Any suggestions?





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          You might try to ASCII out and then load it back in before you edit.  That may help with the FRE.


          The border will be lines, so you should be able to select it one segment at a time.

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            Just tried the ascii out/in thing but no luck.  It selects the whole border and not just individual lines.

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              Are you trying to edit in Layout?  Try the Decal Editor.

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                I tried saving it to the library to edit it.  It saves it as "Lines" and I don't see a way to open it.

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                  Items saved in the 2D lines library are edited in the board view.  To edit them, open a new board file, then open the drafting toolbar.  Look for the icon that looks like library books. Click on it and browse to find your line item.  Click OK and it will attach to your cursor.  Place it in the desired location.


                  The shape will probably need to be exploded before editing.  To do this, right click and choose Select Shapes.  Left click on the shape to select it - if everything highlights do a right click, Explode.  That will separate the items for editing.


                  If it crashes when doing the explode try doing an Export/Import to ASCII first.  If you get messages during the export/import you don't understand and/or it crashes please open a new Service Request and submit the file.


                  When done editing select everything, do a right click and choose Combine.  Then do another right click and choose Save to Library to save it back to the 2D line library.

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                    Janet- I followed your directions up to the point of right click and choose Select Shapes.  It won't let me select anything with the Select Shapes option.  I can click Select Anything and it will select everything, but it still won't let me explode it.  The explode selection is not there.  Just for reference, there is another drawing in the same file that does show the explode selection.  I also tried the ASCII thing on just the library file, but no luck there either.  I tried copying/pasting a good drawing from another file, but the scale was too small.  Is there a way to scale it up?  That would fix the issue.

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                      What is in this file?  Lines, text, logos, etc.?  Something in the file may be a problem.


                      If you can get it selected do a right click, Properties and see if it will let you change the Scale factor.  It sounds like there is something unusual about this file so scaling may not work.

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                        Hmm, may be onto to something.  The drawing format is, I assume, lines and text.  At least that's what is looks like.  I can select it, but it won't show any properties. Right click and hit properties and nothing happens.  But when I do the same on the other drawing in this file, I see that there is a scale factor selection.  So I should be able to copy/paste a good drawing and scale it to what I need.  I will post back if it works.