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    pcb forward annotation options


      When performing project integration with the PCB or Planner application, the GUI has several options.

      There are forward annotation options which include library extraction options etc.


      When using automation, we can create a project integration object and apply the ForwardAnnotate method.

      How should we set the options?

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          Unused parts: Delete


          Library extraction options:

          I would set integration to "Only extract missing data", that way local changes will not be affected without the users' knowledge.  This would require them to deliberately erase locally modified data and rebuild fresh from the Central Library?


          Trace removal options:

          I would not remove floating traces, vias or hangers.  This can strip EMI and sheilding vias, usually several hundred when used.


          Assigning nets to single pins can be helpful depending upon your PCB processes, DFT, DFM, ICT etc.


          Annotate schematic refdes changes: Yes.


          Is this the kind of input you were looking for??


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            Thanks for your explanation.

            My question is how to set the options in an automation program.


            Now we think of using $app->Gui

            How do we access the various elements of the project integration dialog elements.


            I can handle the checkboxes but don't know how to handle the radio buttons and the pulldown options of the unused parts.

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              Trying  app.gui was not successfull. it seems that the automation cannot handle all the controls.


              We took John Dube's advice and we manipulate the project file.

              All the settings are kept there.