Startup script intefering with core DxDesigner functionality

Discussion created by vkhurana on Jul 12, 2012
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I am using attached script in my scripts.ini, such that the script (vbs) invokes at the same time as DxDesigner.  For now, all this script does is check to see if viewdraw.exe (process) is running or not and if not, the script is supposed to die as well.  Here are the two problems I am having with this script:


  1. When script is invoked, the DxDesigner schematic view (pane, on right) is grayed out i.e. clicking on "Board" or "Schematic" or schematic sheet (number) does nothing and the pane on the right appears gray.  From this I am inferring that script is intefering with DxDesigner.
  2. The script is supposed to exit when DxDesigner is closed (manually) but the weird thing is that viewdraw.exe (process) keeps running even after closing DxDesigner...any ideas why this is happening?  I am thinking that existence of viewdraw.exe (process) actually means that script is still running...?  And, I don't know how to get viewdraw.exe process to shut down...?


With regards to problem # 1 above, I have been able to get the schematic sheets pane to appear correctly, if I replace Do While loop with an If statement but that doesn't fit the bill.  And, I have tried to use Scripting.DontExit = True (since I want my script to run as long as DxDesigner is running) but I couldn't use it since "Scripting.DontExit = True looks for events"


Thanks for your time.