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    Unknown problem in Rx AMI GetWave call


      I am attempting run an IBIS-AMI Channel Analyzer simulation. The sims initializes and runs for a couple of minutes. I get a message that the tool is "Building eye diagram at probe J2.OC7 (a pin). After it gets to 2%, I get another pop-up with the error message:


      "Failed to build eye diagram

      for probe J2.OC7 (at pin):

      Unknown problem in Rx AMI GetWave call"


      Unfortunately, the error message is too cryptic to be useful in determining why it fails. Has anyone observed this in the past and know how to overcome it?





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          Ed Bartlett

          Hello John,


                        It is difficult to tell exactly what is happening based on the description alone, but here are some things to try:


          -Make sure that you are using HyperLynx version 8.2.

          -Make sure that you are using the 32 bit HyperLynx if the RX .dll was compiled for 32 bit (or 64 bit HyperLynx if the .dll was compiled for 64 bit). If there is an IBIS model referencing the RX .dll, the IBIS model will indicate 32 or 64 bit, otherwise the model's documentation may help.

          -Check the model vendor's documentation to make sure you don't have to install any additional software for this model, for example a separate runtime environment for the .dll.


                        The AMI .dlls are complete programs created separate from HyperLynx, so Mentor Graphics customer support may need to assist you in finding root cause from the popup. If the information above doesn't resolve the issue, please open a service request on supportnet and we will help.


          Best regards,


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            Hi Ed,


            I checked all of the items you mentioned.

            - I am running 8.2.

            - I am running 32-bit and the .dll is 32-bit. Originally, I was running the 64-bit HL and I got a warning about the model being 32-bit.

            - I'm still checking but I'm fairly certain no other software is needed for the model.


            I suspect I have a setup issue in my sim because I am seeing other odd behaviour. When I attach the model to a pin on the chip, 7 other nets are highlighed and I don't understand why. Therefore, I think the models and setup aren't correct yet.




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              Did you get this problem resolved? If not, it would help if you can show us the model and a screen capture of the multiple nets that get selected.



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                I was able to resolve the issue with multiple nets being selected. It was a problem with pin numbering in the model that I was using. I modified the pin numbers to match the design information and that part was resolved.


                I am still unable to run a simulation without getting the Rx AMI GetWave error. Unfortunately, I am unable to share the AMI model with this group. I am working with the provider of the model to determine if the issue is related to the model itself or the simulation setup. I am looking for any ideas on how to determine which it is if you have any.