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    Adding Special Components to a project


      Toolset: PADS9.3.1


      Issue: I would like to add NC, Onsheet and Offsheet symbols to a schematic for DRC purposes but they do not seem to be available.


      Description I can see the symbols in the \SDD_HOME\standard\examples\SampleLib2007\SymbolLibs\builtin\sym directory ( e.g onsheet.1 ) but I can't seem to add them to my project. I go to Setup/Settings; then in the Setting popup I go to Project/Boards/Special Components and see nothing available in the viewer. Here's a screenshot




      Next new is selected and another popup opens with a list of libraries. In this case it is the libraries in DxDatabook and my local project library but the builtin library is not listed. here's another screenshot




      I've tried going to Settings/Board/Symbol Libraries to import the builtin library and trying to import a library from the standard/examples/sampleLib2007 directory because I can see the onsheet.1 symbol file there. Unfortuantely the popup is looking for a *.prj file and there are none to be found in any of the library directories. Here's the final screenshot:




      I'm working my way through the DxD users guide, DxD reference manual, and DxD synbole editor manual and I haven't found anything helpful with this problem.


      In a nutshell how do I import a built in library into a project ( and find the elusive *.prj file)?


      Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.

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          If you want to add the builtin library from the SampleLib (which is an Expedition Central Library BTW) you can simply copy the builtin folder to the same folder as your other libraries and then add it from this new location in a similar way to your regular libraries by using the 'new' button (see picture). Adding a library in this way will not look for a prj file.




          To add the symbols to your Special Components list you need to  expand the + on the library name before you will see the content of the  library (your second picture). One thing to note is that the No Connect  symbol doesn't work for the PADS flow, this is an Expedition PCB feature  only at the moment.



          Failing that you can add the information to the speccomp.ini file using a text editor and the new library to the project file (prj) under the 'LIST IndependentLibraries' section.