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    Partslister not populating property fields


      I'm using the partslister (DxDesigner 9.4) to generate a BOM for a design, and we use a special property called "BOM" that contains stuffing options for components on the board.  It can have a bunch of different values, and I want the partslister to stick them all in a column.  However, when I set it up to print the BOM property to a spreadsheet, it generates a full listing of parts, but only parts with the BOM property set to "NOPART" (like a test pad) have a populated BOM field.  I've looked at specific parts that I know have a BOM property other than NOPART, and their fields are simply empty.


      I have tried nearly every configuration of the partslister in an attempt to get this to work.  Also, I have made sure all the properties used in the design, including "BOM" are properly defined in the properties editor/netlist.prp file.


      Any assistance?


      Attached is my partslister.ipl file that I am currently playing with and the BOM it outputs for my design.