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    DxDesigner Symbol Editor trouble


      Hello. I am having two problems with the creation of a part (484 BGA FPGA):


      1) Using the symbol editor I have defined several banks (HETERO style 3): banks 1-8, config, power, and ground. I have pre-edited all the CSV files that describe the pin names and pin numbers, etc. I have no problems importing the .CSV file or manipulating the tool for desired aesthetics. Initially when i chose "New Symbol" I entered ALL CAPS, such as "EP3C55F484I7N_BNK1". My first symbol, everything went according to expectations. Now, when I performed same set of operations to create "EP3C55F484I7N_BNK2", everything works fine EXCEPT the tool automagically makes the filename all lowercase! This continues for the remaining 9 fractures. The tool works as expected in all other areas but it is forcing all filenames as lowercase (except the initial _BNK1).


      My Properties for ALL symbols:


      Part Name: EP3C55F484I7N

      Part Number:

      Parts: 1

      Ref Designator : U?


      Additionally, when I try to enter the HETERO information the tool blocks out any further entries after fracture 6.





      2)I am now trying to create the part, in the usual way: navigate to FPGA partition under Parts, right click and select: "New Part"  enter the part number: EP3C55F484I7N then map the pins. I use the pin mapper to import all the individual files: EP3C55F484I7N_BNK1.1, ep3c55f484i7n_bnk2.1, etc. After all the files are loaded I click "OK" and i get incomplete part warning. I don't know where I'm going wrong, or if this is related to MIXED case file names.



      So I can't see the part in DxDesigner because the tool is upset about something..I have made several parts in the past, but it's been a few months.

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          If this is for the Expedition flow then HETERO isn't used, the fractures are managed by the parts data (PDB) in Library Manager. If it is for netlist flow then Part Number should be DEVICE and Part Name isn't used. Also for the Expedition flow the U? in Ref Designator is unnecessary, the assignment is made from the Reference Des Prefix setting in the first page of the Part Editor.

          If you are sure you need to add the HETERO property thej check how many characters are allowed for the property in the Property Definition Editor, you may have reached the maximum set here, the setting has a maximum value of 255.

          Filenames are converted to lower case to support cross-platform support on Linux and Unix. The different case of the symbols should not affect the tools but if you wish to have them all in the same case you could try the following, though I'd recommend you do this on a copy of the library (assuming you are using a Central Library). Rename the symbol files to the case you require via the Operating System (file manager etc). Rename the sysindex.cbf file to sysindex,bak and open the library. Library Manager will re-index the library with the new file names (you may not see a difference in all areas of the tool after this).

          If using the netlist flow simply rename the files.