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DxDesigner Symbol Editor trouble

Question asked by dave.pacella on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by robert_davies

Hello. I am having two problems with the creation of a part (484 BGA FPGA):


1) Using the symbol editor I have defined several banks (HETERO style 3): banks 1-8, config, power, and ground. I have pre-edited all the CSV files that describe the pin names and pin numbers, etc. I have no problems importing the .CSV file or manipulating the tool for desired aesthetics. Initially when i chose "New Symbol" I entered ALL CAPS, such as "EP3C55F484I7N_BNK1". My first symbol, everything went according to expectations. Now, when I performed same set of operations to create "EP3C55F484I7N_BNK2", everything works fine EXCEPT the tool automagically makes the filename all lowercase! This continues for the remaining 9 fractures. The tool works as expected in all other areas but it is forcing all filenames as lowercase (except the initial _BNK1).


My Properties for ALL symbols:


Part Name: EP3C55F484I7N

Part Number:

Parts: 1

Ref Designator : U?


Additionally, when I try to enter the HETERO information the tool blocks out any further entries after fracture 6.





2)I am now trying to create the part, in the usual way: navigate to FPGA partition under Parts, right click and select: "New Part"  enter the part number: EP3C55F484I7N then map the pins. I use the pin mapper to import all the individual files: EP3C55F484I7N_BNK1.1, ep3c55f484i7n_bnk2.1, etc. After all the files are loaded I click "OK" and i get incomplete part warning. I don't know where I'm going wrong, or if this is related to MIXED case file names.



So I can't see the part in DxDesigner because the tool is upset about something..I have made several parts in the past, but it's been a few months.