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Exporting a Bill of Materials

Question asked by tyrone.piper on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by michal_ferdek

I am trying to Export a bill of materials from DX Designer. I have a Access database . Using dx designer Parlister, I am unable to configure the columbs for the export file. The columb selection pull down does not have the fields which are in my database. It only contains the default component data fields.

You can manually input the field/columb name, but when you export the BOM only the columb name appears, with no data under it.

The help document simply tells you to select the feild name and add it to the ouput list. This is fine for all of the default field names which appear in the drop down menu but there is no mention of how to get field names from your own database onto this list.


Note, I have verified the the design to ensure all of the component properties enclude all of the fields from the database.


I must be missing something?