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    HyperLynx SI/PI v8.2 Update 1 已可以自 SupportNet 下載






      ·         DR 691227- The oscilloscope flashes before the IBIS-AMI Channel Analyzer Wizard opens

      ·         DR 852281- Opening AMI Wizard appears to open oscilloscope instead

      ·         DR 857823- AMI wizard generates bad AMI parameter strings

      ·         DR 857826- HyperLynx crashes with the latest Rincewind AMI models, due to model problems

      ·         DR 875174- The Slow-Weak and Fast-Strong IC modeling are reversed in the FastEye Channel Analyzer

      ·         DR 876097- IS FloorPlanner cross licensing doesn't allow exporting to LineSim

      ·         DR 876436- HyperLynx crashes with the attached .ami file

      ·         DR 877029- Failure to run HSPICE simulation on Linux platforms

      ·         DR 882224- FastEye Wizard produces incorrect eye when user views crosstalk step response from .lis file

      ·         DR 885567 - Crosstalk batch simulation freezes in HyperLynx version 8.2, due to excessive memory usage

      ·         DR 885862 - HyperLynx SI consumes huge amount of memory during batch analysis

      ·         DR 887932- AMI sweep simulations causes hang

      ·         DR 891136- When crosstalk is enabled, the aggressor nets get brought in but there is no coupling to them

      ·         DR 897311- ICX Pro cross licensing doesn't allow exporting to LineSim

      ·         DR 898162- HyperLynx Thermal licensing does not work

      ·         DR 901248 - Components on the bottom side of the board are wrongly shifted in the thermal simulation engine