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HyperLynx PI - Trace Power Nets

Question asked by robert.white on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by Steve_McKinney



I am currently using Hyperlynx PI 8.2.


I am trying to analysis the decoupling effectiveness & power net noise on my circuit, however some of power nets are made up entirely of traces instead of planes.  Is there a way to do decoupling analysis on these traces, as well as some kind of noise analysis?

I am also having trouble with the VRM models.  The output of the regulators connect to the power nets through an inductor, however when I apply a VRM model to the output pin, no reference net is available ( might be something to do with the net before the inductor and after having seperate names but I am not sure??)


Can anyone maybe clear up the limitations of Hyperlynx PI, when it comes to decoupling & noise analysis?