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Eksport from Pads 9.3 layout to autocad 2004 issues.

Question asked by hmd on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by ocabrera

Hi People,


I have a rather irritating problem, which i hope you can help me with.


I am usually working with both acad and pads at the same time, one PCB in my cad drawing, however, every once in a while i need to have 2 pcb's in my drawing. But it seems to me that when i import the eksported DXF file from pads to acad, the components in inport number 2 gets all messed up.


The problem only occours when I have 2 PCB's imported, and the Autocad guys says something about the names of the parts that i have imported, so it is a pads issue.


Can anyone in here help me with that little issue?


Kindly Regards


Henrik Madsen