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    How to update the library source


      I am using DxDesigner and PADS Layout software. After finishing the schematic and PCB design I decided to clean up all the files and folders. In the result I want to move the library files to another folder. Will this make an impact on my design (both schematic and layout)? I have tried to change the Symbol Libraries (Setup -> Settings -> Symbol Libraries) to new location. But when I reopen the project it shows an error: "Invalid library path: E:..." and when I open Symbol Libraries, there is no new added libraries... What I am doing wrong?

      About the PADS Layout, is it enough to change the library source (File -> Library... -> Manage Lib.List...) for completed design? Will it than refer to NEW added library instead of OLD one, which I will delete later?

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          The symbols are cached with the design so that if the library doesn't exist or the path cannot be resolved you will not lose any data. You can continue to add copies of existing symbols but not add new symbols unless you point to a library. The Setup- Settings - Symbol Libraries is only a pointer to where the libraries are stored on disk, so changing this setting in the dialog will not move the real files from location X to location Y, this probably accounts for the error message. If you move the library folders from X to Y and then change the pointer in the settings dialog you should not get this error. Also, provided you keep the symbol library folder structure the same (same symbols in the same library just moved from C: to E: say) then there should be no issues. DxDesigner does not like symbols being moved between libraries.

          This only applies to DxDesigner symbol libraries, I cannot answer for the PADS PCB library changes you mention.

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            Thank you very much! I got it! Actually I have done everything right but the error still was present. Then I thought that the source address may be too long, as I have used many-many folders:

            E:\Projects\SSMD\CAD\Design files\SSMD_Rev1-2_[03.08.12]\DxDesigner Schematic Diagram (Rev1-2)\Element Library


            So I have moved the Library folder to another location (not so far away from disk E:\ and now no error appears.. May be it did not like name of some of the folder... I do not know. But anyway, now everything is ok.

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              Could be the length, but my guess is the use of special characters and spaces in your folder names. I see square brackets, parentheses, dots, dashes and spaces. We (Customer Support) recommend a limited character set, from TechNote mg518308: DxTopics: Best Practices for Using DxDesigner http://supportnet.mentor.com/reference/technotes/public/technote.cfm?id=mg518308:


              Avoid problems with names including folder and project names

              The recommended character set to use for name is A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and _ (underscore), this set will minimize the chances of encountering problems. These characters can be used consistently for all names with no known problems. Using other characters increases the risk of encountering a problem. One example is the space character, which occasionally will introduce unpredictable problems.