How to run the Nucleus NET Multicasting Demo

Discussion created by dan_schiro on Aug 6, 2012

You will need to obtain test_igmp_multicasting.c and wtest_multicasting.exe from Support to perform the demo.


How to perform this test    :
   Execute (test_igmp_multicasting.c) on the embedded side. The open up a
   MS-DOS window and type in

   C:>wtest_multicasting (IP address of the host in multicasting group)
  (port number 7) (number of times the data to be sent to the server)
  (name of the file containing the data)

   C:>wtest_multicasting 7 100 test.txt

   Or you can use default values


   The IP address added to the multicasting group are as follows:,,,,,,,,, and

  Out of these 10 IP addresses which are added to the multicast group,
   4 of them are removed later. The IP addresses which are removed
   (,,, and
   doesn't get an echo back from the server.

  You have to send a message with only "q" to quit. Save it in a file
   and use the first example to do it. Once it is sent you should hit
   the break point in TEST_Finished.

  After we hit the break point in TEST_Finished, check out the variables
   test_errors and MEM_Buffers_Used. The global variables test_errors and
   MEM_Buffers_Used should both be equal to 0; however, if you are using
   ethernet, MEM_Buffers_Used may reflect buffers allocated by the driver. 
   If the variables do not meet this criteria, perform the test again. 
   After one or two attempts, both global variables should meet the
   above criteria, otherwise, the test has failed.