In using the basic authentication with Nucleus WebServ how do you control which files require a user login?

Discussion created by dan_schiro on Aug 6, 2012


  • In using the basic authentication how do you control which files require a user login?


  • How could you force a login (basic authentication) at startup before any page is accessed?


  • How do I select which files are forced to use a login?





When you secure specific files, you
have to place them in a secure directory.  So, in the converter you have
to set the secure directory and then # that out in a macro.  See the
notes below.


To secure specific files with a log-in in WEBSERV, do the following:

1. In ws_cfg.h, modify the following macro to point to the directory
where all "private" files will be kept on the web server:

#define WS_PRIVATE_DIR          "/privatedir"     

* If you want to place your files in the default, that is fine.

2. Use the file convert utility to generate all your "private" files
into a C entry file.

a. Open the utility
b. Select all the "private" files
c. Goto "Secure" -> "Set Directory"
d. Choose the value to be the directory name chosen in step 1.
e. At this point, the output file name is arbitrary, but to be
consistent with the demo and to easily understand what this file is,
name it "cfsd.c"

3. Compile the generated C file.  This will contain your file and
directory structure of your secured files.  Each file in this directory,
will require a log-in authentication to be accessed.