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    Ports - any way to control ~which~ port symbols are auto-placed by the migration?


      When migrating a DxD 2005 project to EE7.9.3, hierarchical port symbols are automatically placed (where necessary) on separate sheets during the project migration.


      The port symbols used by the migration "utility" are always in.1, out.1, and bi.1, from the 'builtin' partition.


      Is there any way to tell the migration utility... ahead of time... to use a ~different~ set of port symbols when it performs the migration task?  Or is the use of builtin:in.1, out.1, bi.1 completely hard-coded into the tool?


      (I already know that we can customize our speccomp.ini to define different port choices, but this only seems to apply to choices made by a user AFTER a design has been migrated.)

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          It's probably way late on this, but I know when converting from DA/Boardstation, it's specified in the symbol name mapping file. Here's an example:


          Z:/parts/not_comp/onpage/left builtin  onsheet

          Z:/parts/not_comp/onpage/right builtin  offsheet

          Z:/parts/not_comp/pagbi/pagbi builtin  bi

          Z:/parts/not_comp/pagin/pagin builtin  in

          Z:/parts/not_comp/pagout/pagout builtin  out

          Z:/parts/not_comp/portbi/portbi builtin  con_hier_bi

          Z:/parts/not_comp/portin/portin builtin  con_hier_i

          Z:/parts/not_comp/portout/portout builtin  con_hier_o

          Z:/parts/not_comp/nc/left builtin  nc_left

          Z:/parts/not_comp/nc/right builtin  nc_right

          Z:/parts/not_comp/ground/agnd global  agnd.1

          Z:/parts/not_comp/ground/dgnd global  gnd.1

          Z:/parts/not_comp/vcc/vcc global  vcc.1

          Z:/parts/not_comp/vss/vss global  vss



          Jeff Morton

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            I appreciate your reply Jeff.


            That would indicate there's ~some~ way to control the symbols that get placed by default.


            But myself, coming from DxD 2005 to DxD 7.9, I'll be darned if I can figure out how to control this.  I can't tell if there's an analogous mapping file in the native DxD installation, except for possibly the following...


            ...all DxD 2005 projects have a "viewdraw.ini" file which can apparently contain definitions for "IO_PINS", for example:


            |8.0 IO_PINS builtin:in.1

            |8.0 IO_PINS builtin:out.1

            |8.0 IO_PINS builtin:bi.1


            I have tried changing these entries to point to different symbols other than those in the 'builtin' partition.  Unfortunately, DxD 7.9 seems to ignore my choices and always places the 'builtin' versions upon migration.


            In fact, I have even gone as far as creating my own (local) Central Library and ~removing~ the 'builtin' partition and all its contents, _as well as_ removing any trace of 'builtin' libraries in the C:\MentorGraphics installation tree on my local PC.  Despite all this, DxD 7.9 is "magically" finding the builtin:in.1 etc. symbols and placing them on migrated schematics.  I don't know how this is possible unless these symbols are hard-coded into the migration utility executables.


            Anyway, it would be nice to have an 'official' Mentor response, but maybe the only way to do that is to submit an SR (?).

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              The migration from 2005 to 7.x will convert what is on the schematic in the case of existing ports and will use the generic ports if necessary, you cannot control the use of the generic ports, but these are only used when a net that requires a port doesn't already have one pre-existing. In this case DxDesigner creates a new sheet with all such ports and nets, you can simply replace the symbols with what you require on these sheets.

              In the case of translation between different tools such as DA and DC the user can map to whatever port he likes as indicated in the other posts.