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Associated Copper, can it be exported as a Flash instead of draws?

Question asked by cbedard on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by kbak


I am using PADS 9.4.1.  I am exporting Gerber RS-274X.  On the Photo Plotter Advanced Setup popup I do not have any of the boxes checked in the Fill & macro section. I have also run Augment and Regenerate D-Codes.

I have associated Copper on some components to create the correct shape SMT Pad.  I also have Associated Copper that is on Solder Mask and Paste Mask layers to insure that those features are also correct shapes.  ALL associated Copper has been "associated" with it's respective pin.

When I export Gerber files, and use CAM350 10.5 to import them, I see that the associated Copper features come in a Draws.  The Associated Copper imports as Draws for all cases including when they are on a Copper layer, a solder mask layer or a paste mask layer.


Is there a "button" I can click to force PADS to export these features as a Flash?  (I try to make sure ALL items related to SMT Pads and through holes are Flashes.  That includes Copper, solder mask and paste mask pads.  I convert all draws, polygons or any other type of element to a Flash.  This way I can insure our PCB suppliers always know what to expect.)

     This is of concern to me because the conversion process from Draws to Flashes in CAM350 needs to remain a manual process that takes significant time.  It needs to stay manual because when the conversion process is run in an automated way it can not correctly convert features that are at anything other than orthoganal angles.


A follow up question: (I think the answer is yes to this one)  When I click on one of my CAM documents such as Layer1.pho and click Regenerate D-Codes, the Regenerate D-Codes process reviews any features in ALL CAM documents that are defined right?  So, I don't need to Regenerate D-Codes inside each CAM document right?