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    Question about DEVICE and PKG_TYPE in the properties pane.


      In the properties pane for a component, I would like to know if there is a way to delete all DEVICE and PKG_TYPE for every component in the schematic at once.

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          Well you can use the filter to select all the symbols on a page, select the property in the properties pane and Right Mouse Button Delete, but depending on why you are asking it may not work.  If these are symbol level properties they can't be deleted on the schematic without first removing the properties from the library and updating the symbols on the design.


          There is a script to delete specific properties on a schematic.  I modify the script in Technote 544322 to delete additional properties, but again it will not delete symbol level properties. http://supportnet.mentor.com/reference/technotes/public/technote.cfm?id=MG544322


          These are unusual properties to delete, if you are using a netlist or PADS flow, they are the properties to specify the part and footprint of a device.  If you are using the Expedition Enterprise flow, these properties should have been migrated to "Part Number" and "Cell Name" using the map.cfg file.