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    Help with updating BOM table


      Hi Guys,


      I've been having some trouble with the BOM table in Vesys Harness, there are two things I need help with:


      ONE: In a harness design, in the BOM table, I noticed that there were some items which were not updated to include the latest changes to those components.

      (eg. Description, Supplier info of certain Connector addon components, and Ring Terminals)


      Opening a connector which contained the additional housing component (sometimes, after many attempts) updates the BOM table to include the updated information.

      Other times, like now, I cannot get the Supplier info of any of my updated Ring Terminal components to update. In another harness, there are many connectors which refuse to update the Table to reflect added info.


      I tried re-synch'ing, refreshing, nothing helps.  Is there a way to refresh the table info?


      TWO: I tried hiding the Decoration (" CTRL + H" ), but then I couldn't get the Table to Reappear.

      I tried ( "ACTIONS>UPDATE>BORDER" and other processing tools), re-sync'ing, no,luck in getting the table to re-appear.

      How can i get the BOM table back?


      PS: I created another harness design, and synched the schematic. The new BOM table which gets generated has all the correct info.

      But now I will have to redraw the entire harness, as there is no way to Copy the physical layout from the other one.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      EDIT: Support Request# 2496663194

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          If your library data has changed, then those parts in the harness design will need updating (first File->Refresh->Library Parts, then Action->Update->Batch update library parts).

          As for the missing table (the one you hid using the action CTRL+H), you should be able to select the harness diagram from the project browser, then from the context menu select "Apply Style" there you have the option to update the border symbol (you can de-select update of decorations on the diagram, so a simple reselect border symbol should solve your problem).

          Let me know how you get on,



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            Thanks Nuri. I had similar issues with two different Harness designs.


            The smaller Harness design brings the table back using the methods you have mentioned. (Although, I had to include "decorations..." , just ticking "...border symbol" did not bring it back).

            (Because I have used the "ACTIONS>PROCESSING>Select Cavity components" option when trying to get the table to update with correct supplier). I now have terminals and plugs included in the BOM table(which we do not want), this was partially corrected by using "Cavity Component Management" and deselecting them, but there are 4 items that refuse to be removed. For the sake of testing, I added supplier info to these four components, which currently shows up as the default blank  "-".  The supplier info did not come through to the table when following the methods to update the table info.


            The second design is much larger, but the methods do not bring the BOM table back from being hidden.


            I have redrawn both schematics, so I will avoid updating components while drawing a harness. This is quite inconvenient, as we are currently in the process of switching over to Vesys and are actively updating and adding components to our Library.