How to plot DEF Power, Ground, and other nets for visualization and analysis

Video created by swilliam on Oct 7, 2014

    Plotting power, ground, clock or other nets enable designers to visualize their physical design elements and analyze net interactions

    and proximity to sensitive circuits.


    The Calibre FDI2GDS/FDI2OASIS utilities provide a simple method for converting DEF databases to GDS or Oasis with annotated DEF net names and net

    types attached to as properties. This annotated file can be opened into Calibre DESIGNrev visualization or a downstream Calibre Physical

    Verification job where the properties can be used to do additional net-based checking.


    This video steps through conversion of a DEF database to GDS using the Calibre FDI2GDS utility with net annotation

    and visualization of the annotated net objects in Calibre DESIGNrev.


    • Run FDI2GDS on a DEF database to generate an annotated GDS file

    • Visualize the net annotations in Calibre DESIGNrev

    • Perform analysis based on net properties to identify design issues