How to Generate XOR rules for GDS and Oasis input databases

Video created by swilliam on Oct 7, 2014

    How to generate Calibre XOR Rules for Oasis and GDS database Compare Overview: Generating Calibre XOR rules for input databases when the

    input layers are not known can be time consuming. This video demonstrates how to generate Calibre SVRF XOR rules to compare GDS and

    Oasis databases. Abstract: When translating layout data from one format to another or validating expected vs. unexpected changes during database

    manipulation, it is helpful to run XOR. However, XOR rules for your specific example may not be available. The Calibre DBdiff database

    compare utility can be used to generate suitable rules with only the input databases and top cell name as inputs.


    • Run Command line DBdiff to generate Calibre XOR rules

    • Run Calibre Fast XOR database comparison on Oasis and GDS databases

    • Enable automatic XOR rule generation for Calibre Interactive

    • Launch Calibre Interactive FastXOR from the layout viewer