How to get email notifications for new posts in your favorite Mentor PCB community

Video created by erin_gowdy on Mar 24, 2015

    If you've ever found yourself wishing that you could have new posts from your favorite Mentor Graphics PCB communities sent straight to your email inbox, then you're in luck! The Jive platform offers a convenient way to do just that.


    To follow a community, simply click the Follow button in the top right corner of the overview page, then click the checkbox for Email Watches. Easy!


    To ensure that you only get the content you want, signing up for email updates for a community will not automatically sign you up for updates for its sub-communities. Unfortunately, this means that if you want notifications for posts on every possible topic for Xpedition, you'll have to repeat the process eight more times—one for each sub-community. That's a lot of clicking, but fortunately it shouldn't take you too long.