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Designer:  Using Symbols from PartQuest


Do you need symbols for your schematic?  Try PartQuest, search for your part with a search engine powered by Digikey.  To research a part further select the more button to view all characteristics for that part.  Then select a symbol, some parts have provider supplied symbols and footprints indicated by this symbol.  If a vendor supplied symbol isn’t available, perhaps a standard symbol will fit the task. 


Designer Schematic directly reads the Partquest symbols from your dropbox location and automatically refreshes the library as new parts are added.  To place the part in the schematic, use the free form search field which searches all the parametric data on the part.  Select the filtered part and add it to the schematic.  There is no need to fill out properties; they have already been preloaded from the PartQuest website using data from DigiKey. The part is ready to create a BOM and send to Designer Layout.


If no symbols are available for your part, just press download and a part with a rectangular template is created complete with all parametric properties saving you the tedious task of manually entering property data.  Place the part in your design and right mouse button edit to add pins and customized graphics.


Speed your development with PartQuest