SoftMEMS MEMS Pro Floating License Installation (for v9.0 and higher)

Video created by kl_tanner on Oct 28, 2016

    This video is only for installation of v9.0 or higher FlexNet versions of SoftMEMS MEMS Pro.  If you are running older (v8.2 or lower) Sentinel versions or if you received a TLU and DAT license file rather than a TXT and DAT license file, this procedure does not apply.



    This video will show you how to install SoftMEMS and Mentor Graphics Floating Authorization Codes (licenses) on a Windows server machine as well as how to setup pointing to the server on a Windows client machine.

    For detailed instructions refer to SoftMEMS MEMS Pro Installation Procedure (for v9.0 and higher)



    To install you will need the following items:

    • USB Dongle [optional]
    • SoftMEMS .DAT license file and Mentor Graphics .TXT license files (emailed)
    • SoftMEMs MEMS Pro Application Code (32 or 64 bit) v9.0 or higher downloaded from SupportCenter