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Are you concerned with the thermal design of electronics systems? Are you a thermal, mechanical or electrical engineer wrestling with product design issues? Are you an engineering manager or director concerned with improving your team's overall design flow? Then this community is for you.


No electronics cooling or thermal design topic is too small or complex, from die-level heat dissipation to data center cooling, and everything in between. We are excited that you are here. Please take a moment and introduce yourself and participate in your community!


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Re: Electronic component thermal modeling 1 week ago by changwoo changwoo
Re: NXP MOSFET thermal models 1 month ago by dirk_niemeier dirk_niemeier
Re: Solver ends abruptly without convergence 5 months ago by scofield scofield
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Re: Solar radiation in FloTHERM XT 5 months ago by Vadim Vadim
Re: Importing XML files to Flotherm 5 months ago by ajdutta ajdutta
what is the physical meaning of fales time steps in Flotherm? 10 months ago by zongjie.zhang zongjie.zhang
New link for getting air properties at different Altitudes and Temperature for Flotherm Simulation 10 months ago by narasimhareddy.e narasimhareddy.e
Re: Natural Heat Transfer 11 months ago by dirk_niemeier dirk_niemeier
Re: Error EFG file opening ,E/08071 11 months ago by dirk_niemeier dirk_niemeier
Heat Pipe in FloEFD 11 months ago by yhl yhl
Re: HDD Thermal modelling 1 year ago by hank_chung hank_chung
Re: Using the "Advanced Resistance Model" with an exponential fit 1 year ago by echenel1 echenel1
Re: Batch Mode Running of Flotherm 1 year ago by yu.yanfeng yu.yanfeng
Re: temperature sensor,  junction temperature vs. case temperature? 1 year ago by yu.yanfeng yu.yanfeng
Thermal resistance calculation of heat sink in FloTHERM 2 years ago by Vadim Vadim
Flotherm heat exchanger LMTD 2 years ago by jan-egbert.annevelink jan-egbert.annevelink
Re: Dew formation 2 years ago by julien julien
Re: How to avoid small grid in Flotherm 2 years ago by prasad_tota prasad_tota
Re: COB model, thermal resistance and extremal overheating 2 years ago by vladimir vladimir
***TEST -- PLEASE DISREGARD*** 2 years ago by Community_Admin Community_Admin
RADIATION SURFACE SELECTING 2 years ago by hot_garlic hot_garlic
Re: How to build the TIM (thermal interface material) when its location is between a compact component and a heatsink? 2 years ago by zongjie.zhang zongjie.zhang
Mechanical U2U - UK 3 years ago by nazita_saye nazita_saye



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