Tip of the Week: Important Changes in MSL v2012_1 Release

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Jun 17, 2012

The Mentor Standard Licensing (MSL) v2012_1 release is now available and includes a few significant changes.


FlexNet v11.10:


MSL v2012_1 is built on FlexNet v11.10. This is an upgrade from our previously shipping version that was based on FlexNet v11.6.1. Products built with v2012_1 will begin shipping in Q3 2012 and will require license servers of the same version to support them. Please refer to TechNote MG66951 on Suppotfor download and update information and begin planning your upgrade process now.



Hardware Key (Dongle) Discontinuations:


With MSL v2012_1, there are a two discontinuations for specific custom hardware keys and limited platform support for the standard FLEXID keys. If you are using a CPLUS or PADS/SSI Pink key or a FLEXID key other than the FLEXID 9- USB key, you'll want to check our Hardware Key (Dongle) Discontinuations and Replacement FAQ to see if your key is supported.