Tip of the Week: Separating servers and license files in MGLS_LICENSE_FILE

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Apr 7, 2013

We often see strange problems when the wrong characters are used to separate multiple license servers or license files in either the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE or LM_LICENSE_FILE variable.


The FlexNet standard is as follows:



Multiple independent servers and/or license files - colon ":" on Unix/Linux and semicolon ";" on Windows


For ex: MGLS_LICENSE_FILE=1717@server1;1717@server2;C:\MentorGraphics\License_Files\local_license.dat


This is a Windows example and the semicolons are used because a colon indicates a drive letter. Use colons on Unix/Linux.



A set of redundant servers - commas on both Windows and Linux


For ex: MGLS_LICENSE_FILE=1717@serverA,1717@serverB,1717@serverC:1717@local_server


Notice that the servers in the redundant cluster of serverA/serverB/serverC are separated by commas but the cluster as a whole is separated by a colon from the independent local_server. This would be a Unix/Linux example.