Tip of the Week: What Linux package do I need to get this file installed?

Blog Post created by david_leslie on Jul 21, 2013

If you get a message such as:


error while loading shared libraries:

libXp.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


how do you know what Linux package to load?


When installing the Linux operating system, there are many "optional packages" (often known as RPMs) that can be installed.  Requirements change, so a new software installation can require a file that you have not previously installed. 


How can you find out which bundle to install?


The "yum" utility has a "whatprovides" option to answer this question.


yum whatprovides <file>


So in the example above, you should use the command:


# yum whatprovides libXp.so.6

Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit, rhnplugin

*Note* Red Hat Network repositories are not listed below. You must run this command as root to access RHN repositories.

libXp-1.0.0-15.1.el6.i686 : X.Org X11 libXp runtime library

Repo        : installed

Matched from:

Other       : Provides-match: libXp.so.6



You can then install the libXp-1.0.0-15.1.el6.i686 package.