Tip of the week: Use lmstat -f to display users of a particular feature

Blog Post created by JoyM on Feb 16, 2014

It is sometimes helpful to do a status of the license server by feature name. This is done by using the lmstat command with the '-f' option. Here's the syntax:

lmutil lmstat -f [feature] -c [path to license file]


*Specifying the path to license file is not necessary if the path is set in LM_LICENSE_FILE


For example, this command will show if the feature 'pwrshell' is in use, and by whom:

C:\MentorGraphics\Licensing>lmutil lmstat -f pwrshell -c c:\flexlm\test.txt

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Flexible License Manager status on Fri 2/14/2014 12:24


[Detecting lmgrd processes...]

License server status: 1717@ORW-6YNPBZ2

License file(s) on ORW-6YNPBZ2: C:\flexlm\test.txt:


ORW-6YNPBZ2: license server UP (MASTER) v11.11


Vendor daemon status (on ORW-6YNPBZ2):


mgcld: UP v11.11

Feature usage info:


Users of pwrshell: (Total of 1 license issued; Total of 1 license in use)

"pwrshell" v2014.020, vendor: mgcld

floating license


jasper ORW-6YNPBZ2 (v2012.06) (ORW-6YNPBZ2/1717 101), start

Fri 2/14 12:23