Tip Of The Week: Configuring license timeout in vNPI 9.5

Blog Post created by JoyM on Feb 1, 2015

vNPI 9.5 can be configured to automatically check the licenses back in when a certain idle period has elapsed. This is done in the Engineering Toolkit window configuration settings.

Open vNPI 9.5 Engineering Toolkit window.
Go to the Options dropdown and select Configuration.
In the Configuration Parameters window select the line beginning with 'auto_logout_timeout' and click Modify under the Edit dropdown.
Enter the desired number of minutes (minimum of 20) in the Value field in the Edit Configuration Parameter window.
Click Apply and OK and exit the Configuration setup.
The vNPI licenses will automatically check back in if 20 minutes (for example) have passed and the tool has been idle.

The default time value is 0. If the automatic timeout is no longer desired, change the value to 0 following the setup steps above.