Tip of the Week: Reread or restart?

Blog Post created by guy_wettstein on Mar 21, 2015

A common question arises when managing a license server. Should I use lmreread to pick up changes in the license file or options file or should use lmdown and then restart the license server?


Over the years, I've found that lmreread generally works well for adding new licenses or for picking up simple changes to the options file such as defining a new LM_PROJECT.


However, for swapping complete license files or for changes to the options file that involve restricting access to licenses (e.g.: RESERVE), you must be careful with lmreread and should probably opt for a restart. In the case of controlling access with keywords, it's one thing to add a new license and define who can check it out with INCLUDE. It's another thing to remove access for a user or host that already has that license checked out. Scheduling a restart can help mitigate problems.


What are your experiences? Please feel free to share your best practices.