• How to change the profile email address?

    i want to set my personal email to this account but the field is grayed out, is there any workaround?
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  • Fan with flying leads

    I have a fan with flying leads, what is the best way to place this on a logic diagram? Create a Device symbol with pins, which you wire too?
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  • How to calculate Gas Lower Heating Value_LHV in FloMaster

    Dear all,   I am trying to model a Gas system in the Flomaster version 9.1. The gas system use two different LHV(kJ/kg) gases and during transient case, both need to be mixed as per desired mixing ratio...
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  • Is the points system still working?

    Community_Admin, is the points system still working?  I seem to be at the same amount of points for past 3-4 weeks
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  • How do I get the Field to Factory Option?

    I should have “Field to Factory” as on option under "Browse Mentor Graphics Communities" --> "Electrical Systems, Networks, and Harnesses"   
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  • What is this unspecified rebuild error?

    I've gone through and set up my project to simulate conditions my equipment would experience in normal operation.  I've incorporated standard and user defined materials and radiation surfaces, etc.  However,...
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  • Flotherm PCB user guide

    Hi,   Do you have the FlothermPCB user guide? Thanks!
    created by yinhuang
  • Missing Icons/Images

    Was there an update made to the website? Or maybe the Jive Engine in the background? Because all the Icons and Images from the Badges, Missions and Quests are missing.   I am sure it is related to the Website...
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  • How to change default unit to customized unit

    Please advise how to change default unit to customized unit.   I select the customized unit by "Select session unit set" at every operation. However, the unit is always changed to default unit in the next opera...
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  • Characteristic operating time of check valve

    Please consider to automate to input characteristic operating time of check valve just by selecting check valve type (e.g. swing, lift, dual plate, axial flow) as it requires many effort to users. In addition, please ...
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  • What happened to my computational domain?

    I have a project which I started yesterday using Creo 4.0 and FloEFD 17.3.  I saved what I started and shut down for the night.  When I reopened today, some of my inputs are gone.  I can edit my computa...
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  • Option to add Minimum number of Vias to a power net in constraints

    You do not have access to this content's place
    created by sreedhar_rayala
  • ECN (Engineering change details)

    I want to know how to get Engineering change content reports & all details from revision to revision.
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  • Valor Process Prep conflict with Excel

    I keep getting an error when I try to save my documentation session, it says it cannot write to the file (TDP_Document).  Because of that, I can't save an check in my project so I lose all of my edits.  Some...
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  • New fresh design

    For several weeks we have a new design now for the pages here in the communities. Ideas, Discussions, Documents, ...   I really like it
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  • Ineffective pattern generation detected. Terminating the current ATPG session

    #tessent  How is  Ineffective pattern generation detected. Terminating the current ATPG session. how tessent tool determining ineffective patterns ?
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  • do file command to compile all out of date

    I am using ModelSim PE 2019.1.  Is there a command that I can add to my my "*.do" file that will recompile all out of date source files without entering them individually?
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  • Mentor Ideas for Mentor Communities

    Background: I started creating contents in Mentor Communities and would like to share enhancement ideas and bugs found on the Mentor Communities engine itself.   Question: Would it make sense to create a space&#...
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  • Global or OFF page connector

    This symbol represents ? and what is the Purpose of it?
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  • Jumping to top in Contentview not working

    This is the situation: when you go into the content section of this forum - no matter what your filter settings are set - and you like to go to the next page, you don't get any feedback of it ... well no other than t...
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