• Cell Editor Open - and invisible - cannot close program

    Help! Does anyone know how to remedy this? I can't close the program, because it's screaming about the cell editor being open.   I had imported a DXF - went swimmingly. Then I went to go edit the DXF (I wanted t...
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    Is there an easy way to do this in Pads Pro 2.7? I loved the ease of placing a component in Pads standard simply by typing in the coords.   Anyone?   Thank you!   ~Randi
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  • PADS autocomplete the trace

      Hello,   PADS is autocompleting the traces and I would like to have full control over how the trace is designed. I have attached a video showing my problem with routing.   Thank you in advance
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  • Update the Central Library with any changed or added 3D model assignments

    If have mapped 3D models to my cells in my design I can update the Central Library with any changed or added 3D model assignments in the local design library with: 3D > Models > Update Library. If the mode...
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  • Sharing same project concurrently

    I am currently using PADS Professional 2.5 using 1 server license. Is it possible if I work on schematic and parallely my colleague keeps on doing the schematic. This can help in reducing the transfer of file and gett...
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  • Pads Professional Library Question

    I've finally got the hang of working with the Libraries for the most part, but I'm hung up on how to get rid of my duplicates. When I created this test Library, I somehow incorporated this Board1 into the mix and woul...
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  • Xpedition/xDx -> PADS Professional

    Hello all, my question is: Does exist easy way to convert/open Xpedition projects in PADS profesional?? PADS Profi include several features which an Xpedition users have to buy as an option e.g. generating PDF with...
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  • PadsProDesigner crashing when opening file?

    Hello,   I recently installed PadsPro, the Student Edition.  I was working thru the tutorial when I started having problems with PadsProDesigner.  It began to reset everytime I tried to open a project,...
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  • search window visability pads data book

    Can anyone tell me how to turn this search window off and on?   Thank you!  
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  • pads pro vx.2.7 plane does not follow route border

    Hi, I created a design then later revised the board outline. The planes continue to follow the original board outline. Nothing I do seem to correct this problem. Any idea how to fix?   Regards Grant
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  • Cross Probing/Split Window View of SCH and PCB

    Hello again, I would like to move a part on the PCB and NOT have the schematic window zoom in close to the part I've selected. How do I keep the window static on the SCH end? Help would be much appreciated.  I w...
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  • How to see if a cell has 3D information stored in the Library

    Hi all,   How can I see if a Cell in the library has 3D information attached to it? My library has 4000+ Cells and it would be nice to see which Cell has 3D information and which not. I'm using PADS Pro VX.2.7...
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  • PADS professional student version error after installation

    Hi,    Recently i installed PADS professtion student version, i am facing below problem.   First Question 1. When i open PADS Professtional Layout, Dialog boxes open Error code " Sourc...
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  • Unable to open cell editor?

    I am trying to create a custom package in Pads 2.7 I am currently unable to open the cell editor. Was able to create symbols easily bu the cell editor just wont open. I am using PADS Professional student version. Coul...
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  • Through hole pad but fine hole = 0 in library

    Hi all,   I am making a uncommon BGA socket, and I want the pad connect between top and bottom layer   so i am think on making a through hole pad but no fine hole (filled with copper)   how is the se...
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  • PADS Professional DL/CN license?

    PADS Professional displays DL and CN licenses. Who knows what these DL and CN mean?
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  • Cell editor; How to define 2 pins eletrically connected inside connector?

    Hey all,   I'm drawing a cell shape for the Amphenol 10131931-106ULF, which is a simple SMD mounted right angled pin receptacle. It has every pin connected to 2 SMD pins, so there are 12 physical pins on the c...
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    Does anyone know why these planes are not showing up solid in Drawing Editor? I have all of the "plane" settings" checked for solid as near as I can tell, but this is how they show up in Editor:
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  • Veribest Gerber fonts

    Hi Folks,   Is there anyway of bringing over the Veribest Gerber 0 & 1 fonts when translating Expedition libraries and projects into Pads Pro? All the reference designators are having their font changed to C...
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  • 3d model on a mechanical cell

    Hi How to assign a 3d model to a mechanical cell? example microcircuit and radiator.
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