• Looking to transition from Altium to Xpedition Enterprise

    Has anybody here made the transition to Xpedition Enterprise from Altium with a Vault/Nexus Server/Concord Pro?  I'd love to pick your brain about how to best make the business case to my management!
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  • Cell Editor Problem

    I'm new to Expedition, but there seems to be a serious limitation that just doesn't seem right to me.  PLEASE someone let me know if I'm crazy.  I've created a Cell and I started it in thousands.  It's ...
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  • Cell Editor Dialog

    If you have voted for Idea D1521 or Idea D2327 in the past, or have any interest in them now, please go to Idea D8291, read the discussion, and if you agree, please vote up.  Thanks in advance.
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  • Is there a fix for the 3d - Update Library window not opening?

    I am using Enterprise/Dx Library and we are adding lots of 3d models to our existing Central library.  but occasionally the 3D --> Models --> Update Library command fails to open the dialog box/window....
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  • Netlines Not Disappearing When Routed (Diff Pairs)

    I am attempting to route a PCB with a lot of differential pairs. There are series resistors and spurs off the diff pairs in some circumstances (for a variant) and this has led to some problems in routing them but my m...
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  • differential pair avoids assembly outline

    Hi there, I'm using Layout VX 2.5.   To my amusement it seems that the differential pair is avoiding the Assembly Outline, see pic attached. No other obstruction is placed in the cell under that purple circle....
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  • 64 bit Xpedition on 64 Bit  Windows 10 and 32 bit Office (ODBC)

    Hi everyone,    I was wondering what would be the best way to go about installing 64 bit Xpedition on a 64 bit Windows with 32 bit Office installation. Installing the 64 bit ODBC drivers on the same system ...
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  • parts not snapping to part grid - Layout VX 2.5

    Hi there, I have noticed something odd about the parts grid in Layout VX 2.5, not sure if it's intended or if it's a bug.   If I want to place parts using the primary grid, in the Editor Control, I select: - t...
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  • plane to mounting hole clearance

    Hi there,   In Xpedition PCB V.X2.5 (and also in earlier 2.xx), I have noted that the plane-to-mounting hole clearance is defined by the minimum value between:   1) the plane to mounting hole cle...
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  • PartDB.pdb file update issue

    Community_AdminXpedition Enterprise@ I am new to Mentor tool. I have got problem with one of my designs in Expedition 2.5, that I have been doing right now. It is an up issue of already existing design...
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  • Numbered rippers versus names in DxDesigner

    Hey guys, I'm new to Mentor but not new to design - our team uses DxDesigner 7.9.3. When I first came onto the team, several people warned me to be careful with rippers coming off of buses, because they can inadverten...
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  • common properties within border symbols and variants

    Hi there, I am using Xpedition 2.5 (update 4).   Is there a way to have the same property to appear twice on the same sheet (i.e. to have two instances on the same border symbol). A workaround we used is to us...
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  • I can't do the  package

    Hi guys,   I'm working in the 7.9.2 version but I can't do the package, this the log file withe error or warnings, someone has any idea about this problem and how fix? This the Log:   -------------------...
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  • How can I get colour visualization of 3D DRC error.similar to 2D DRC?

    How can I get colour visualization of 3D DRC error.similar to 2D DRC?   I get 3D DRC error in Hazards explorer but I couldn't identify the violation error easily.   I am using  Xpedition Lay...
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  • A old trace and via can not be selected and deleted, anyone can help?

    In a Design we deleted an resistor. After forward annotation the resistor was deleted but a trace and via which was connected to them not! How I can select and delete this died trace and via? See attached video captu...
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  • Add Via Dialog Box with inactive tabs

    Hi.   I am trying to add a vias array in the Xpedition Layout. But I just can see the Interactive tab active. The Stitch Contour, Stitch Shape, Radial and Array tab are inactive in the dialog box. Anybody know h...
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  • Loading of database has failed Expedition PCB 7.9.2

    Hi Guys  I have a problem to sync the Schematic with the PCB.   When I open the PCB show me the next error:   Problem encountered while loading the schematic connectivity data from the common databas...
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  • built-in border symbols type in VX.2.5

    Hi there,     I noted that in VX.2.5 when creating a new library the built-in borders symbol don't have the property type "border" set. Instead, they still appear as "annotate". This means that all the bui...
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  • XPedition V2.1 - How do I click on a hazard "x" and get it to point to the object in "Hazard Explorer"

    Do I  have to set this up in "Settings"?  Please see attached bitmap.   Ken
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  • How can I modify the pad entry topology

    Hi,   How can I modify the pad entry topology in order to have a smaller trace from the pad edge to the first corner of the trace?   Because currently I have only 2 options, or a long trace until the first...
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