• Pads Std Plus Dx and Std Layout

    we buy those licenses(one china reseller recommend),  but now we can not use "Inergrated project" to  layout  PCB,just draw schematic. Can we use other method to resolve this issue but not buy new lic...
    created by xixueni
  • How to convert T1 file into .kyn file?

    I have a T1 file and i want to have .kyn file.
    created by hbenawe
  • Modelsim not starting with node locked license

    Hello - I am having trouble getting a Mobil compute license for Modelsim working on Windows 10.   When I launch Modelsim, I get the following error:   Unable to checkout a license. Make sure your license f...
    last modified by kevinm1
  • Need PADS ES Suite Ap SW download file

    I have bought PADS ES Suite Ap SW at 2012 with licensing by 2028. Unfortunately I have lost setup file.  Could you please send to me a download link for the PADS ES Suite Ap SW?   PS Pl...
    last modified by Mehmet
  • With respect to HyperLynx SI/PI, what is the difference between .hyp and .cce files? Is one better than the other?

    hyperlynxsignalintegrity For Signal Integrity simulations which one is better *.cce or *.hyp? Which file is better for sharing information?
    last modified by narasimhamurthy
  • variant manager dropping query results

    Logical Variant manager in Xdesigner is not showing all resistors in our resistor table Our resistors table is 1300+ resistors. When we go to replace a resistor from variant manager it's showing a limited number of ...
    created by cgoldenbus
  • Issue with Session File IPW145

    Hi,    I get a message of session file. How to fix it ? 
    created by joniengr081
  • Padstackeditor Automation in VX2.4

    Hi All,   I previously used padstackeditor in VB6 it works fine in 795, as i migrated to VX the same script is not working i tried all the possibilities .Mentor even provided AATK_1861(We have a C# applicat...
  • Why cell.hkp cannot be imported?

    padstack.hkp was succesfully imported but cell.hkp has error when importing to the library Please see attached error.
    last modified by hbenawe
  • VX.2.6 The Net name lost when the link is removed

    Well,  Mentor fix this problem of "unable to hide net netmame when link is connected" but introduces new one, (I don't know how it will create problem for user) here are steps to reproduce it - create a net , g...
    last modified by phiet
  • Padstack Editor Automation

    EE7.9.4   How do I find out what hole a padstack is using if it is using one?   PadstackEditorLib.Padstack does not have a get_hole accesor and it seems strange to me that it is missing.  What gives?
    last modified by andrew_french
  • ライセンスのホストIDについて

    ライセンスのサーバーID、ホストIDの出力は、ライセンス・ユーティリティー 'lmutil lmhostid' を使用するのがベストな方法です。SupportNet からダウンロード、インストールしたライセンス・ソフトウェアに全てのライセンス・ユーティリティーが含まれます。lmutil は、Windowsの場合 C:\MentorGraphics\Licensing に、UNIX/Linuxの場合 <path>/bin...
    last modified by rieko_watanabe
  • Symbol Editor crashed and not working

    Hi,    I am not able to open Symbol Editor in Library Manager VX 2.4 installed in Windows 10. I have deleted the following files because one symbol was in edit window when Symbol Editor was crashed. ...
    last modified by joniengr081
  • Why do I get 'X' when flooding copper with Thermal Relief

    I am using PADS 2.6 and when I went to flood the ground plane the tool puts up a bunch of white 'X' marks on many of my ground pads, including ground vias.       What does this 'X' signify? ...
    last modified by jxa
  • Replaced part's symbol has not changed for variants schematics

    Hi, everyone, I have encountered a variants schematic view issue in EEVX.2.3. Some of my PCs can not get the right symbol view when I entered in a variants schematic. The replaced symbol has not changed but the...
    last modified by ziyu.wang
  • Export QuickConnectionView by Automation

    The attached script is only verified with EEVX.2.2 With Automation, there is no direct command to run "Export Quick Connection View" Instead, the command needs to be executed by a wrapper, that is then executed via "V...
    last modified by peter_festesen
  • Change all fonts of a Ref Des

    Using PADS Designer VX.2.4.3 Update 2 and having a hierarchical design.   My schematic has inconsistent fonts for reference designators (font not size). I need a means to select and change the font of all REFDES...
    last modified by john15
  • Extra silkscreen in 3d view

    I am seeing extra silkscreen in the 3d view that doesn't exist in the cams.  I have fixed this in the past but I don't recall what I did.   3d view, q6 and q8 have some copper showing up as silkscreen ...
    last modified by mcredelle
  • How to set DisplayControl of status with Python

    Hi All,   I want to use python to control DisplayControl options to update the display of objects. I saw help file example as below doc.ActiveViewEx.DisplayControl.Option("Option.PlaceObjects")= epcbGraphics...
    last modified by even_xie
  • Databook events for "Annotate Properties to Selected Components"

    Hello everyone,   I noticed that the "Annotate Properties to Selected Components" function in the databook adds _all_ properties to a component whether they have a value or not. When adding components the...
    last modified by fgrossmann@men.de