• Variants Question

    Hello, I have a question about using Variants Manager in PADS Designer VX2.4 Integrated Flow.    Our company has setup Central Library but maybe not in a complete way.. Central Library has all unique s...
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    we are simulating DDR3, in the DDR3 Wizard setup i have an doubt in simulation option, in the section measurements location for DDR & Controller what has to be enable either die/pin.
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  • urgent need help

    # # Please go to http://www.model.com and download an updated copy of the ModelSim PE Student Edition. # Error loading design   I have downloaded four times and put license in correct folder but still I am gett...
    created by kyuripark
  • Hyperlynx VX2.4 Digital Oscilloscope Eye-Diagram configure window not opening

    Hi,   I am using Hyperlynx VX2.4. I tried to do an eye-diagram simulation and when I tried to configure the eye mask and other parameters using the eye-diagram configuration file, this window is not displayed. ...
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  • Need help for SERDES Batch Simulation

    Hi, I'm performing SERDES Batch Simulation to some nets of a board that are driven from a Mezzanine card to a Virtex FPGA. The problem is that I only have IBIS-AMI model of the FPGA, but I'm missing connector model a...
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  • Exporting a Netlist form PADS designer without constraints

    Hi, I am using PADS Designer (VX.2.6) with PADS Layout (VX.2.6) in the traditional workflow (using netlists, not integrated). I need to make a modification to an existing design that I did not do myself. This design ...
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  • Who has a simulation model for a twisted pair cable?

    I search for a model to simulate a CAT-5 cable in HyperLynx SI. HyperLynx does not provide a model for this standardizrd cable type (The standard is EIA/TIA-568). The conductors are regular copper wires, but since the...
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  • Problem while adding Net Attribute

    I would like to add a property (string) to specified Net selected. I successfully achieved it but the property value is coming only in NAME=VALUE format. Like for example i want to add property to the NET say "Hangin...
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  • Assembly drawing with layer 1 dimmed

    Is it possible to create that kind of assembly drawing where layer 1 can be seen dimmed at background. Similarly bottom layer if there are components at bottom side. Pads layout VX2.5
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  • Hyperlynx : DRR3 Batch Simulation Data Read Problem

    We are simulation DDR3L in our design and we are trying to simulate our chips through Hyperlynx DDR3 batch simulation. We have used one slot dual ranked settings. After setting the parameters required for DDR3 batch s...
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  • Part Lister: Replace one property with another

    How do I set up a rule in the IPL file, to replace one property value with another?   I.e. I would like a rule that detects if 'Part Number' starts with 'X', and if so, it will drop that value and instead use th...
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  • Reset Text Properties on Symbol in DxDesigner

    I need to reposition the properties and reset text properties for all symbols on my DxDesigner schematic.   In the schematic if your right click the symbol you should see both of those options in the pop up menu...
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  • How can i execute the command (Preposition Properties) in the command popup menu?

    I like to execute the "prepostion properties" command in the component pop up menu. How can i do that. Is it possible to select the command item and use a method like "click"? Thanks for your help in advance!   ...
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  • Script for duplicate / copy plane shape to other layers in one shot

    I need to duplicate/copy one plane (rule areas, route obstruct, plane shape) from Layer2 to others multi-layers (Layer5...Layer9...etc) on shot at the exactly same location. I'm looking for a script that can pop a me...
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  • Mentor DxDesigner Net Attribute Color Change

    I would like to change the color property of an Attribute object. I am using Attribute.SetObjectColor(newColor) but dont know the newColor definition. What is the setting for newColor parameter to change the color to ...
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  • Is it possible to end a trace with a straight cut and not a half-disk?

    Hello,   Do you know if it is possible to change the way a trace ends when connected to a pad?   For instance in the image below, the trace width is such that when connected to the pad, the half-circle fin...
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  • Why Calibre gives compilation error in -flat mode?

    If I run Calibre with the -flat switch I get the following message:   ERROR: FLAT COMPILER Error on line 0 of <my_path>/<my_file>.rsf - 5421 forbidden operations present   If I run the same set...
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  • GitHub Version Control

    Has anyone ever tried to set up version control for Xpedition/PADS Professional projects via Github? How do I make this setting right?
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  • How to treat non coupled differential signals.

    For Power supply feedback or balanced analog audio signals we often have differential signals that are not coupled to each other. The best way to describe them is lines running in proximity to each other. I want the s...
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  • DDR Constraints

    Hi Community. I want to start a discussion about constraining DDR signals using formulas. I have been actively working on this for about 1 year. How many users have done this?   AND...Here is the key point... Be...
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