Creating black and white plots from within VeSys Design or VeSys Harness

Document created by paul_clemens on Oct 3, 2008
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By default, VeSys will print WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) but this is not always sufficient for all documentation needs. There are several standard methods within AutoCad (the foundation for VeSys Electrical Series) to generate a plot/print in true black and white using AutoCad's Plot Manager. It involves creating a new plot configuration file and then pointing to a monochrome pen color table provided by Autodesk called monochrome.stb or monochrome.ctb.


In a user goes through this process, the plots from VeSys will be rendered in grayscale or *color *depending on the method and color table selected. The proper way to create black and white plots from VeSys is:


1.) File > Page Setup








2.) Select the "New" button and nominate an unique Page Setup name (ie: VeSys_BW)



3.) Pick the printer/plotter you are interested in



4.) In the upper right corner of the dialogue box, you can nominate the Plot Style Table, choose VeSysPlot.stb



5.) Specify any other particular settings needed



6.) In the lower left corner, select the "Preview" button and see if your results are black and white.



7.) Select OK



8.) Select VeSys_BW and then select the "Set Current" button



9.) Now, use the File > Plot command your new Page Setup should be the default.



10.) When you save your VeSys Harness or VeSys Design diagram, this page setup will be stored with it.