Xtremepcb In WAN Using HP RGS

Document created by yu.yanfeng on Nov 18, 2008
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We used to use Xtremepcb in WAN. There are  1500KM distance in the network, and normally having 50-60ms latency,  Xtrempcb perform well in our Concepthdl2Expeditionpcb flow. When We migrated to 2007.2 from 2005, We obersvered poor performace to big disigns(50K+ pins/13Knet, 30% constraints). I have analyzed the possible cause, and think this due to iCDB's limitation,although iCDB bring us with concurent CES editing. Basically, it can speed the responses to bring the long-distance remote use  to local using Microsoft RDP,but RDP having poor graphics performance,apparently that's not appreciated to P/R task. When We use HP RGS instead of Microsoft RDP, eveything is ok, We get fast response and fasta graphis update, . Now We set the VMs in our server and every romote use now login into VM using HP RGS, everything is smooth.



Are there others using Xtremepcb in WAN and what issues encounted? hope to share your experences.