Expedition: Testpoint Report

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This script will generate a tp_report.txt in the pcb/LogFiles directory of the Expedition pcb design allowing access through Expedition's FileViewer.  It reports the total number of testpoints used, Net Name, Number vs total for net, RefDes, Pad, Layer, X Loc, YLoc, Hole size and Plated state if applicable. At conclusion the script will open the file in WordPad. If not available on your system, change this in the script.


Update Version 2: Fixed bug with regards to Space

Update Version 3: Enhanced to report Number of Testpoints required (Num:Of:Req column) and Location

Update Version 4: Enhanced to generate report as .csv file in the PCB folder. User must change the OUTPUTCSV constant value to True at the top of the script (shown below).

                           This will limit the output to Column Headers in Row 1, followed by data.




Update Version 5: Enhanced to include Single-Pin Parts as Testpoints. Parts can be identified by a user defined property and value on the Part PDB. To use this capability, modify the TPPROPNAME and TPPROPVAL constants at the top of the file, as shown below. These part locations will be reported as "PPin".