HKP FAQ 12-6-2010 (Updated)

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This document is giving answers to frequently asked questions around the HKP to Automation migration.

Please let us know if there are any questions that you feel are missing. We will update this document as needed.



List of questions addressed in this document:

What are ASCII (HKP) files?

Is HKP being phased out entirely?

Why is HKP being phased out?

What are the benefits to making these changes?

[Update]: How will the Mentor owned tools be supported, which are using HKP today?

Is HKP officially supported as format?

What are typical scenarios causing HKP data consistency problems?

[Update]: What are customers supposed to use instead of HKP?

Why do I need to use decryption and encryption while exporting and importing HKP files?

Why does Mentor need to approve the provision of HKP licenses for EE7.9?

How does Mentor avoid that approvals delay the deployment of EE7.9 in our company?

[Update]: How will Mentor help us to overcome the phase-out of HKP?

[New]: I need to understand, how to do specific tasks in Automation, but do not know how to access or modify this data. Who can help proving examples?

How do we get access to the HKP Decryption and Encryption licenses while being in transition?

[Update]: I do have a PCB Data Converter.exe license (PN 237618). Can I continue to use this?

[New]: I have a fullencrypt license for EE7.9. Why do I get an error message when trying to encrypt the HKP file?

[New]: How long are the temporary HKP licenses valid?

[New]: Can the temporary HKP licenses be extended upon expiry?

Will there be a charge for the access to HKP, Automation or ASCII data?

How can I learn more about Automation?

How can I contact a representative directly if I have more questions or want to discuss the situation?

How can I help Mentor to understand my needs and objectives using HKP?

[Update]: How will Mentor assist me migrating away from HKP?

[Update]: How will my my 3rd party tools affected that are using HKP (for instance some Analysis tool or PLM tools vendors) ?

[Update]: I need a Decryptor license to provide a 3rd party with HKP data. Is that a supported use case ?

[New]: A number of capabilities are not available yet in Automation. What do I do in the mean time and how can I find out when it is going to be available?

[New]: How does my account team gets notified when my HKP licenses have been approved?