A simple way to customize PADS menus, toolbar buttons, shortcuts and modeless commands.

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Before PADS2007 we can not customize menus, toolbar buttons, shortcuts, and modeless commands, even after 2007 we still can not customize the context menus(Show by click right mouse button) and modeless commands. And customize them in PADS was thought to be too complicated to operate.


On my own case, I want to use key N to replace the Select Nets menu.

double stroke Z to pop up Display Color dialog.

stroke Spacebar to rotate components,etc..


Now, I am going to tell you a pretty simple method to customize you own shortcuts.


First of all, you may download a software called PadsHelper.

You can get it by google PadsHelper. then Install it.


For instance, I just demonstrate how to customize a PADS Logic menu by PadsHelper.


1. Launch PadsHelper, right-click the taskbar tray icon will show a pop-up menu, select "Options" can  bring up the "Options" dialog box.





2. In PADS Logic, select the menu that you want to customize. PadsHelper will detect the menu code and display in the Options dialog.

2010-7-17 16-13-04.png



3. Give a name helps you remember.

2010-7-17 16-20-51.png



4. In the first input box  input the key you want, for example, we want to use P instead of "Select Parts" menu, then in the first input box  press P,  Of course, we can also use  other keys or key combinations, Even we can use double key, like using PP (means double stroke P) or SP (means stroke S then stroke P)

2010-7-17 16-23-08.png



5. Finally, We click "Add" in the dialog. From now on we can use P to achieve Select Parts.

2010-7-17 16-29-56.png


Same way, We can customize more menus, toolbar buttons.

If we want to customize shortcuts or modeless commands. just select the item in the combo box, as following:

2010-7-17 16-35-39.png



Here, I use ZZ to replace Ctrl+Alt+C (which will popup "Display Colors" dialog).

After this. I can double stroke Z to pop up "Display Colors" dialog. It's very convenient.

2010-7-17 16-37-25.png


In conclusion, I'd like to say we each have a different custom of operation.

PadsHelper provides us powerful features to replace the PADS menus, toolbar buttons, shortcus and modeless commands.

Use your imagination to get your own customization.