Manage Attributes of Parts/Components

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Attributes of Parts  (Components) are often used in material management, these data are often used in the production. Therefore, we need a sofeware to help us manage the  attributes of parts, show the differences betweent two files, edit attributes,  or make a report. So I make a tool to help us, I think it must be the best tool to achieve these functions, to get it or learn more about it please google PadsHelper by yourself.



Feature 1. Like Excel, the grid cell can be edit directly .


Feature 2. By holding the Ctrl or Shift key and click with  the mouse, can select a number of  cells in different  locations.


Feature 3. By click the left title bar or top title bar to  select entire row or  column.


Feature 4. Select some cells, then click "Fill" button in the  toolbar, to assign new data to these  cell.


Feature 5. Right-click the left title bar can select the  corresponding parts in PADS file. The selected parts in the grid is display in  blue and bold font. Conversely, if the PADS file selected some parts, the grid  will sync  automatically.


Feature 6. Can use mouse to drag the top title bar to  exchange of the location of the  columns.


Feature7. Right-click the top title bar will show a  pop-up menu.


Feature8. Click the top left icon to pop up the system menu.  Selecting "Always on top" menu allows the window to keep in front of other  windows without being  blocked.


Feature9. The second click on the top title bar to only select the  cells that parts are selected (see feature 5) in this  column.


Feature10. Click "Dual Pane" button in the toolbar to open  the second pane, that you can compare two  files.


Feature11. Gray means the two data are not equal. Yellow  means that the part is not exist in the other  file.


Feature12. Copy the attributes of selected parts to the same  parts in the other  pane.


Feature13. Click "Create BOM" button in the toolbar to  create a bill file, click "OK" button and select the file format (Excel format  or text format)



OK, These are still some tiny features in it, you find it out!

Again, learn more about this software, please just google PadsHelper.