Remove redundant pads/holes and update padstacks to have proper pads/holes

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When EE library is generated by migrating from other flow, it will have lots of redundant pads/holes, whose names are not generated automatically, duplicated with each other.
The pad/via names can be changed to automatically generated names by checking each pads/holes in Padstack Editor, but this operations will produce many ' _1 _2 _3 ...' pads/holes, instead of removing the redundant pads/holes.
In order to remove the redundant pads/holes, user should re-assign correct pads/holes names to each padstacks, and then remove redunt pads/holes manually; very tedious task.


This script is designed to perform removal of redundant pads/holes by below steps:
  1. Set autoname to each pads/holes whose names are not automatically generated ones
  2. Correct the generated names in order to keep the name of each pad/hole being short (Padstack Editor will append '_1 _2 _3 _4...')
  3. Assign correct pad names/hole names to each padstacks
  4. Remove redundant pads/holes that were processed in step 2.


I have tested with one of my customer's translated library;
Number of pads : 2311 -> 656
Number of holes : 49 -> 21


Download the attached script and execute by mgcscript command as below:
> mgcscript refinepads.vbs


  1. Please backup your library database before running this script.
  2. This script is designed to attach to Padstack Editor application. That is, Padstack Editor should be open before running this script.
  3. Save required after running this script & reviewing the result in Padstack Editor.
  4. This script tries to delete the padstacks whose name begin with 'ORG_'. Block line 89~90(DeleteBackupPadstack function call) in order to keep 'ORG_' padstacks.
  5. You may define pads & holes that should not be renamed in the beginning of the script(arrPadsProtected, arrHolesProtected).

  6. This script was developed and tested with EE7.9.1 on Windows7.


Associated DR: dts0100683091 -  Padstack Editor autoname function overlows character name limit (Status:Postponed)


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