Expedition PCB : Update NCDrill Graphics

Document created by al_layson on Jul 22, 2011
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The UpdateNCDrillGraphics.vbs script will update the NCDrill graphics information in Expedition PCB. It accomplishes this by removing existing placements of NCDrill Symbol Cells and NCDrill Drawing Cells from the board and then placing all NCDrill symbol & NCDrill drawing cells which exist in the database. It will retain placement locations for those previously placed. For those drawings not previously placed, places them in a step pattern starting at top right of the board outline, stepping each .5 inches from the last placement (You will need to correct their overlap). You can use this script to update the graphics after running NCDrillEngine.GO (an Automation Pro Engine) or include the code in your script that incorporates NCDrillEngine.Go since the engine itself does not update the necessary NCDrill Graphics.