How to add additional licenses to the license file on the server (video)

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Automated method (Windows only):







  1. Download the "Full" version of the Mentor License Utility from SupportNet
  2. Run the Mentor_License_Utility_INSTALL.exe which extracts all the program files, creates a shortcut*, and launches the Mentor License Utility program. (See README.txt for version information)
  3. Click the Install License button (bottom right corner)
  4. Select the Install a Nodelocked or Floating license to this machine option
  5. Browse to the file containing the new licenses
  6. Select the Append button when prompted to "add licenses to existing service"


* A shortcut to the Mentor License Utility is created under Start > Programs > Mentor Graphics License Utility


Note: If licensing errors are encountered after running the Install License to set up the license manager: Run a diagnostic report from the Tools > Create Diagnostic Report > Standard menu option, and attach the resulting diag_file.txt to a new Service Request on SupportNet, to expedite the troubleshooting process.


Manual instructions (Linux/Unix/Windows):

These instructions assume the license manager for the Mentor Graphics license daemon (mgcld) is already up and running on the license server. If not, refer to the Licensing Mentor Graphics Software manual for more details.


Part A: Update the license file


1. Open the existing license file that is in use on the license server. See below example (click to view in full size):




2. Open the license file containing the new/additional licenses to install. See below example (click to view in full size):




3. Compare the hostids in both license files. The hostids must be an exact match in order for the new licenses to be added to the existing license file.

NOTE: The hostid appears in the 3rd field on the line starting with "SERVER."


4. In the new license file (site_2044.txt in this example) copy all the lines below the line starting with "DAEMON" (i.e. copy all the INCREMENT lines but not the DAEMON line itself).

NOTE: INCREMENT lines occupy two lines. Be careful not to leave any lines behind during the copy process.


5. Paste the copied lines to the bottom of the existing license file (license.dat in this example).

TIP: For readability reasons, consider adding comment lines between the existing INCREMENT lines and the newly added lines. Use the # character to delineate comment lines (it must be the first character on the line, followed by any comments).


6. Save the revised license file. See below example for an example of what this would look like after the new licenses and comments have been added.





Part B: Perform a "Reread" of the license manager


This task is different for Windows and Unix/Linux. Follow the appropriate steps, depending on the platform:




7. Go to the License server computer and open Lmtools (Start menu path - Start -> Programs -> Mentor Graphics Licensing -> Lmtools) *


8. Go to the Service/License File tab and select the Configuration using Services radio button


9. Select the Service name that applies to the Mentor Graphics license server.


10. Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab.


11. Click the ReRead License File button. The Reread Server License File Completed message should appear at the bottom of the Lmtools window.


12. To confirm the reread was successful and that the new licenses are now available, perform either a status enquiry ( Server Status (tab) > [Perform Status Enquiry] ) or check the license log file ( Config Services (tab) > [View log...] )





7. Navigate to the directory where the "lmreread" binary exists. * For example:


     cd $MGC_HOME/pkgs/mgls/bin


8.  Run the "lmreread" binary using the "-c" switch followed by the location of the license file (the existing license file that now contains the new license features). For example, if the license file is in the "/opt/mentor/license.dat" location then the "lmreread" command would be:


     ./lmreread -c /opt/mentor/license.dat


9. Run an "lmstat -a -c <path_to_license>" or look at the license log file to ensure the new licenses are now available. Example "lmstat" command:


     ./lmstat -a -c /opt/mentor/license.dat


Note: If the set up involves a triad of license servers, the license file will need to updated on all three servers (Part A), along with the reread (Part B).