PADS Suite license doesn't work with older releases (video)

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It is the mgc.pkginfo (binary) file that maps the name of the composite/suite license (that you see in your license file) to all the atomic licenses that exist within (these you won't see in your the license file). Therefore, if you are running an older version of PADS (for example: PADS2007), it's possible the mgc.pkginfo file delivered in that installation won't know about a PADS Suite (composite) license that you are attempting to use, especially if it's a more recent one (for example: PADS LS or ES).


Following is the procedure to update all mgc.pkginfo files in the PADS Flow installation:


Automated method:







  1. Download the "Lite" version* of the Mentor_License_Utility
  2. Unzip the
  3. Run the Mentor_License_Utility_LITE_INSTALL.exe to install. It also creates a shortcut**, and launches the Mentor License Utility program. (See README.txt for version information)
  4. Navigate to and select the Tools > Update File > Mgc.pkginfo menu item.
  5. The File Replace Options dialog will appear. Make sure all checkboxes are selected and click the Next button
  6. Browse to the directory where the Mentor Graphics software is installed to (for example: C:\MentorGraphics\9.3PADS) and click OK
  7. Wait for all the mgc.pkginfo files to be updated. This can take a few minutes or more.
  8. Once complete a notification of all files updated will be given. Click Close to exit the dialog, and File > Exit to exit the Mentor License Utility program.


* Download the "Full" version from SupportNet (includes an automated "Install License" program and other functions)

** A shortcut to the Mentor License Utility is created under Start > Programs > Mentor Graphics License Utility



Manual method:


  • - Download the latest version of the mgc.pkginfo file from:


  • - Search for all existing mgc.pkginfo files in the installation area and update with the new version.