Automation script with a Regular Expression example

Document created by timo_kyyronen on Jan 23, 2012
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'V1.0 Mentor Graphics Finland, Timo Kyyronen, 19.01.2012

' This is an example how to find a string match by using a regular expression definition.
' Regular expression was used because of the double quotes in the string.
'In this example the purpose is to get the value of the ..PROP_VAL after the line .PROP_NAME "designer"
'.PROP_NAME "designer"
' ..PROP_VAL "timo"
' MsgBox "timo" will appear as this vbs is run by using the example file.

'This utility is a part of a Drawing Editor script where "Define property name value" setup values were needed from the config file.


Unzip the attached file and create an example file by using the lines in the end of the script.


! Warning ! Scripts Obtained through the Mentor Communities Site are not supported software. Use with caution. Backup your data before executing any such script.